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Keen Sourcing provides 2 types of service for your choosing. One is Product Sourcing Service. It's a turnkey service inclusive of sourcing, quality control, order follow-up, logisitics support etc. We handle everything for you. The other one is Quality Control Service

Product sourcing service flow in your purchasing process:
sourcing service

Steps For Product Sourcing Service

Step 1. You send us the details of the products you want to purchase. 

    You will get feedback within 24 hours and get quotation within 48 hours.
Step 2. We do supplier selection and price negotiation. After you confirm the price, we will arrange samples to you for approval.
Step 3. Place order.
Step 4. We do production monitoring and manage the timeline to ensure ontime shipment.
    We do pre-shipment inspection after production finished.
Step 5. We manage shipment.

Pricing of Product Sourcing Service: About 5% commission based on order amount.
Once the product requirements are agreed, we will do the rest, including sourcing, order processing, production monitoring, quality control, shipment support, communications etc. No hidden cost.

Quality Control Service

Quality Control Department of Keen Sourcing focuses exclusively on quality control services. We also ensure that our quality control engineers are rich experienced, our inspectors are screened, well trained and regularly monitored, as we believe that having the highest quality engineers and inspectors sets us apart.
We are fully committed to ensuring quality and customer satisfaction by collecting accurate information on the factory floor. We are fully certified by the Chinese government & AQSIQ to perform inspections in China.

Keen Sourcing's Quality Control Services include: Factory AuditLab TestingQuality InspectionProduction Monitoring, etc.


Quality Control Service fee: $200 per manday including everything.
Keen Sourcing Quality Control Department handles Factory audit, quality inspection or production monitoring etc. We offer this service anywhere in China. No hidden cost.

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