• How to Private Label Your Products

    Label is a key feature of products. It helps to market the product, attract the attention of customers, allow customers to tell it apart from other brands. And, it provides product information such as ingredients, instructions, date of manuf […]

  • Best Manufacturers in China

    Recently, the Asia Economic Forum announced eight of Chinas best manufacturers. This is the result of a years survey of more than 8,000 factories in Asia conducted by the Asian Economic Forum. These eight Best Factories have made outstandin […]

  • Guidelines for Water Bottle and Coffee Mug business Startups

    Dual benefits of the water bottles make them the highly useful product. It is very easy to drink water from them and you can also make them useable again through recycling. You can bring a new and creative product for water bottle business. […]

  • Complete Guide for Buying Small Quantity from China

    We get numerous inquiries every week about buying small quantity items from China. The more significant part of them dont have much pertinent experience, and merely consider its extremely basic. Be that as it may, it is never that simple. Y […]

  • How to Import Vacuum Insulated Water Bottles from China

    Since Keen Sourcing established in 2006, weve helped many clients import vacuum insulated water bottles/mugs/flask from China. We are getting more and more inquiries about vacuum bottles. According to the investigation, around 86.9% vacuum […]

  • How to Import Server Rack from China: Guideline

    With the information technology developing faster and faster, purchase volume of server rack /server cabinet is becoming higher and higher. To make you source server rack easy, this article shows you a comprehensive guideline on how to impo […]

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